Security is our top priority

We monitor and do routine updates and malware scans, so you can focus on your business.

We issue FREE SSL certificates to all websites we host to better improve security.


We set up routines on our server to search for malware and prevent malicious attacks.


Should a malicious attack happen, we get notified immediately & our firewall auto-blocks them from our server.


We also monitor our system processes to prevent potential downtime due to server load.


Our server is using the most current version available across all resources.

Security & Uptime

We have experience in HIPAA Compliance and have applied that knowledge to create a powerful and secure server for your website/email. We always keep our server up-to-date with the latest software updates as they are available. If something goes wrong and your website goes down, we’re on it – immediately. We have a full support team for the server that can take care of any issues, should they arise. Our server is running 99% of the year. The 1% of unexpected downtime is usually due to hardware/software upgrades.

Even though our server is using very high and stringent security standards, we cannot guarantee that it is HIPAA Compliant. Do not transmit, save, or discuss protected health information (PHI) on our server. If you need a HIPAA Compliant server, we can provide you with some information.

Frequently asked questions

Do you give out FREE SSL Certificates?

Absolutely! We care about the safety of your website and anyone who may visit the website. We want to make sure the experience is positive, and when customers visit your website, they can trust that you are secure.

Do you have spam prevention?

There is only so much you can do to prevent spam, but we do our best. We have security systems in place like SPF records and have a global blacklist of spam domains that is updated weekly. We also have setup routine malware scans to protect you.

How often do you update your server?

We update the server as soon as the update is available. If an update is available for the server, we typically update on the night of the release between the hours of 1 AM EST and 4 AM EST to avoid user downtime (if a restart is required).

What version of PHP are you running?

We are running PHP 8+ at the moment. It’s fast and has better security for your website.